as always in a sentence

"as always" in Chinese  
  1. Of course, as always, statistics CAN fib a little.
  2. As always, his speech was full of enthusiasm and optimism.
  3. As always, he will be fighting foremost for playing time.
  4. Now as always, Tutu functions as a voice of independence.
  5. As always, he stayed one step ahead of his pursuers.
  6. It's difficult to find as always in a sentence.
  7. The bigger problem with Woods, as always, was defense.
  8. "We'll keep you close, as always.
  9. As always in Russia, everything flows down from the top.
  10. The Super Bowl, as always, sacked weekend movie attendance.
  11. As always, you go ahead and do whatever you want.
  12. As always, though, it depends on where you are.
  13. As always, the presence of center Hakeem Olajuwon looms large.
  14. "It's the same as always,"
  15. As always, he wore his black trunks and black shoes.
  16. Iowa goes first, as always; it caucuses next February.
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