as already noted in a sentence

"as already noted" in Chinese  
  1. As already noted, her four funnels were her most unusual feature.
  2. First, he contributed to the science of polymers as already noted.
  3. As already noted, after devastating Lusitania Brutus also reached into southern Gallaecia.
  4. However, as already noted, I'm not here to bicker.
  5. As already noted, some of the most common family names are in this list.
  6. It's difficult to find as already noted in a sentence.
  7. As already noted, it is described in 1853 as having a population of 123.
  8. As already noted the local fauna of cockles can be stained with relation to their habitat.
  9. As already noted over 100 years ago, they are a eggs are also conspicuously diverse.
  10. Jespersen is good as already noted.
  11. As already noted, the Greek word aret?is usually translated into English as " virtue ".
  12. However, as already noted, the history of this place goes back nearly 200 years ago.
  13. As already noted, Ben Nevis has long been known to hold snow late into the year.
  14. And as already noted, the unloved Steinbrenner has found himself bathed in a kinder, gentler light.
  15. As already noted, in 1874, Hart organized his own minstrel troupe and performed in four states.
  16. As already noted, they were typically located on sites that had been associated with the former Welsh princes.
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