as all hell in a sentence

"as all hell" in Chinese  
  1. But as all hell breaks loose around the staff, torpor runs rampant.
  2. It was " exciting as all hell, " he wrote his brother.
  3. "He is unpredictable as all hell and that's refreshing ."
  4. :: Not just war-ending, but expensive as all hell, too.
  5. Misrach is a classic " visual " artist and Friedlander is haptic as all hell.
  6. It's difficult to find as all hell in a sentence.
  7. That is annoying as all hell, but I'm not sure how that can be prevented.
  8. To see actors portraying Radner and himself, Zweibel admits, was " spooky as all hell for me.
  9. When Linux was new, it was very much a matter of setting everything up yourself and it was painful as all hell!
  10. This is entirely non-contradictory-but it is confusing as all hell for people who aren't comfortable with special relativity.
  11. My 3D printer is temperamental as all hell-but at least when something goes wrong, I can fix it without much grief.
  12. The featured article is mostly selected for good English, good references, etc-but it's often boring as all hell.
  13. :: : : Windows ME is a horrible operating system compared to XP-ME's flakey as all hell and XP is actually pretty stable.
  14. Then they offered us their cellular service instead-which was outrageously expensive, slow as all hell-and only worked when the antenna was 30 feet from our house!
  15. Someone wrote it down in a book-and the book has been repeatedly retranslated from a source language that's confusing as all hell because the written form contains no vowels.
  16. It's ugly as all hell and it doesn't help 99.999 % of readers who will get the information they need and never even look at the references.
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