as agreed in a sentence

"as agreed" in Chinese  
  1. The billing error involved is something that was not delivered as agreed.
  2. As agreed, every man reported back to Trenton, Tennessee on April 4.
  3. Authorizes the extension of such transfer as agreed upon by both parties.
  4. As agreed, Ode Amon gave his daughter in marriage to Ode Agou?
  5. Elections will be held by April 13 as agreed between the parties,
  6. It's difficult to find as agreed in a sentence.
  7. We expect the Northern side to respond to the dialogue as agreed.
  8. A month later, Nick and Cynthia meet again in Honolulu, as agreed.
  9. Plaintiff delivered his speech at the ceremony and distributed handouts as agreed.
  10. As agreed at Port Arthur and Dalian, with its strategic rail connections.
  11. It has failed to turn Hebron over to Palestinian control, as agreed.
  12. Last year, the oil was delivered by the United States as agreed.
  13. We are going to continue to implement the program as agreed.
  14. General Crook did meet with Geronimo as agreed, but Geronimo did not return.
  15. Newell didn't so much recruit him as agree to take him.
  16. The corresponding music videos were not directed by Boutonnat as agreed by both.
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