as agreed upon in a sentence

"as agreed upon" in Chinese  
  1. Authorizes the extension of such transfer as agreed upon by both parties.
  2. Britain refused to remove troops from Egypt or Malta as agreed upon in the treaty.
  3. The article was very straight forward and presented the facts as agreed upon by the courts.
  4. Mubarak called on Israel to hand over occupied West Bank lands to Palestinians as agreed upon.
  5. For its part, the PA is currently standing firm on implementation as agreed upon in the Wye documents.
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  7. Where periods are stated for delivery by instalments, though, the seller is bound to deliver as agreed upon.
  8. Sometimes a price intervened, which was paid in gold, as agreed upon, or in metal bells brought from China.
  9. As agreed upon, he stepped down after the completion of Dwyer's term, and was succeeded by Catherine Baker Knoll.
  10. Lindenberg's family remained in Germany, supported by the U . S . government, as agreed upon in the Paperclip contract.
  11. The United States says the procedures are as follows, once an unidentified aircraft is detected, as agreed upon by both nations:
  12. However, senior Russian officials, including Kozyrev, have said the sale of the nuclear equipment to Iran will go through as agreed upon.
  13. The failure of government to meet revenue targets has resulted in missed fiscal targets as agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund.
  14. Essentially, the article is missing an image and that image is a good representation of the article ( as agreed upon ).
  15. Young adds that in September 2001 he sent another $ 60, 000 in additional funds, as agreed upon in the joint venture agreement.
  16. :: * m ) Doc James-revert-removes inline tag ( " " We chaged it to the past tense as agreed upon in the cabal.
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