as against in a sentence

"as against" in Chinese  
  1. The regional party won 109 seats as against nine by the Congress.
  2. After 11 games, AEK has 27 points, as against 25 for Olympiakos.
  3. Olympiakos lost two good scoring opportunities as against one by the hosts.
  4. They typically fought as much among themselves as against their Russian foes.
  5. After 19 rounds, Olympiakos has 49 points as against 47 by AEK.
  6. It's difficult to find as against in a sentence.
  7. Moose will have to have the same approach as against Pedro Martinez.
  8. Just as many scientists have given the thumbs up here as against.
  9. After 12 rounds, Panathinaikos has 34 points as against 26 by OFI.
  10. Similarly, IIT Bombay has just 401 faculties as against the required 529.
  11. The former Taliban regime banned movies and most music as against Islam.
  12. Olympiakos now has 20 points as against 17 for second placed AEK.
  13. The first thing Bush does is immediately position himself as against abortion,
  14. After 19 rounds Olympiakos has 49 points as against 47 by AEK.
  15. Action against foreign terrorism remains at least as important as against American.
  16. Russia plays in Group A against the hosts, Spain and Greece.
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