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  1. To get from Point A right back to Point A again a year later, we pretty much put the national business of the United States on hold.
  2. In early 2017 Billings was part of the India A again as a specialist batsman, scoring 93 runs and as an opening batsman in the final ODI of the series.
  3. In 2015 Ukrainian local elections Mamay was re-elected ( as Mayor ) in Poltava as again a candidate of Conscience of Ukraine with 62.9 % in a second round of Mayoral election.
  4. Disease ravaged the Mongol forces with bloody epidemics, and M鰊gke died there on August 11, 1259 . This event began a new chapter of history for the Mongols, as again a decision needed to be made on a new great khan.
  5. Oh yes, finally, after bitter stretch of frustrations throughout the 1990s when all the local professional entries---the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings, Mighty Ducks, the dearly departed Rams and Raiders---took turns taking pratfalls, L . A . can rejoice heartily over becoming Titletown, U . S . A again as it was so often in the long ago past.
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