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  1. Property in Tsing Yi, as affected by Tierra Verde, has obviously stabilised,
  2. Yet Africans are just as affected by aspirin as European humans are.
  3. "The American Revolution as Affected by the Muslim World is a fascinating read.
  4. In it we cognize our own inner life as affected by the non-ego.
  5. The people who prepare the cars seem as affected by Earnhardt's death as his fellow drivers.
  6. It's difficult to find as affected by in a sentence.
  7. "But our local farmers arejust as affected by the current economic turmoil, " the PPI official said.
  8. Some domestic companies rose on the hope they wouldn't be as affected by the nation's export slide.
  9. Producers aren't seen passing off monthly price increases onto consumers who aren't as affected by dollar fluctuations.
  10. Kelly is also interested in preserving the rights of indigenous peoples as affected by legislation like NAGPRA.
  11. Investors said Citicorp does more consumer and is unlikely to be as affected by volatility as other banks.
  12. But the small size of cats means that they tend not to be as affected by the condition.
  13. The one entry that does appear deals only with the issue of tactics as affected by lack of weaponry:
  14. Australian and English players _ while not as affected by the sponsor plans _ are standing by their international colleagues.
  15. Soybeans weren't as affected by the dry weather as corn because soybeans are planted after corn and are more resilient.
  16. But perhaps no city has been as affected by the no-fly zone as Los Angeles, where the art form was born.
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