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  1. The murders are visualized with the same high-gloss artiness.
  2. Artiness : " Is it finished yet ?"
  3. Artiness : Kirk " The Chin"
  4. After City Ballet's founding in 1948 the photographs have a different artiness.
  5. His Lower Manhattan production studio percolates with downtown artiness : scruffy jeans and funky eyewear.
  6. It's difficult to find artiness in a sentence.
  7. And the camera work tends to aspire to artiness, resulting in occasional oddball framing.
  8. What makes them successful is that Bellocq doesn't tart them up with photographic artiness.
  9. Artiness : This is an homage from one over-praised'80s painter to another.
  10. Yet, paradoxically, art verging on artiness is never far from the work in the Parrish show.
  11. "The Addiction " is so self-absorbed in its own artiness that it fails on both counts.
  12. "It's much more of a character piece, and it's got a certain offbeat artiness.
  13. In this country there's a deep skepticism about art and artiness, and a so-called practical man attitude.
  14. And every so often the screen turns blue for no apparent reason other than to evoke an artiness that seems entirely spurious.
  15. Artiness : Artemisia Gentileschi is a feminist heroine, not least for her gory painting of Judith decapitating ( castrating ? ) Holofernes.
  16. The visual precision and storytelling knack that made that film so nightmarishly effective seem to have fled, leaving aimless artiness in their wake.
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