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  1. During the Great Northern War, Gennin excelled as an artillerist and fortification engineer.
  2. He was trained as an artillerist and shipped to the Russian front in March 1943.
  3. Despite being an artillerist by training, Napoleon did not appreciate the full capabilities of howitzers.
  4. Andr?L関阸ue joined the armed forces as a simple artillerist, but very soon, became an officer.
  5. "' Stapleton Crutchfield "'served as a Confederate artillerist in the American Civil War.
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  7. Despite being the senior artillerist of the corps, Brown is not found on record complaining about Long s promotion.
  8. Per Wadsworth's request, Governor Tompkins sent his personal assistant, the engineer and artillerist Nicholas Gray, to assist Wadsworth.
  9. An American soldier wrote : " Riley was the greatest artillerist of his day, and we suffered greatly on his account ."
  10. After the outbreak of the first World War he joined German army and served as an artillerist . 1916 he left the army because of an injury.
  11. The 1st New York Battery served at the Battle of Yorktown and the Battle of Williamsburg under the division's senior artillerist Capt Romeyn B . Ayres.
  12. He had one sister, Mary Hoyt Williams Crozier ( 1864-1955 ), who became the wife of Gen . William Crozier, the noted artillerist and inventor.
  13. At the suggestion of George Washington, Tousard had been working on an artillery manual, which he published as " The American Artillerist's Companion " ( 1809 ).
  14. An early leader was Jean-Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval, an 18th-century French artillerist who created a fair amount of standardization of artillery pieces, although not true interchangeability of parts.
  15. He worked on ways to reform and improve the work of artillerist and pontoneers, detailing proposals to change size and duties of gun crews, the procedures to drill them, among others.
  16. Louis de Tousard, who fled the French Revolution, joined the U . S . Corp of Artillerists in 1795 and wrote an influential artillerist's manual that stressed the importance of standardization.
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