artificially in a sentence

"artificially" meaning  "artificially" in Chinese  
  1. You can do it artificially ( through contests and discounts ).
  2. So she was artificially inseminated with her husband's sperm.
  3. Madelin said he did not believe in artificially boosting consumer spending.
  4. Then the government keeps prices artificially low to keep out imports.
  5. They feel rates were being artificially bumped up earlier this year,
  6. It's difficult to find artificially in a sentence.
  7. Sabato called the earlier findings " artificially high ."
  8. "It's keeping prices artificially high ."
  9. But volume is artificially constrained by European and American import quotas.
  10. She had an artificially inflated sense of ( her ) attraction,
  11. The solution is for us to help the apple evolve artificially,
  12. No elephant artificially inseminated had successfully carried her baby to term.
  13. The profits a year ago were artificially high because of that.
  14. And finally, there is instant oatmeal, often artificially flavored.
  15. Eventually Sandy is artificially inseminated, and the couple become parents.
  16. That, the report said, helped Enron artificially raised profits.
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