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  1. Dr . Ommaya also invented the first spinal fluid driven artificial organ.
  2. The artificial organs worked normally for the 11 months of the study.
  3. Biomechanics also aids in creating prosthetic limbs and artificial organs for humans.
  4. We may see better artificial organs, or ways to regenerate our own organs.
  5. Dr . Wang however, replaced this damaged body parts with high-tech cybernetic artificial organs.
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  7. Have you faced the same resistance with other artificial organs?
  8. Artificial organs would be a boon because organ donations cannot keep pace with demand.
  9. Other applications include biotechnology processes, morphing aircraft and spacecraft, adaptive wind generators, and artificial organs.
  10. Could artificial organs significantly extend the human life span?
  11. Then they put the artificial organs back into the animals, whose own bladders had been removed.
  12. When artificial organs are prepared for transplantation, they are often produced with the recipient's own cells.
  13. The heart is being developed by the Russian Health Ministry's Institute for Transplants and Artificial Organs.
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  15. "That's why people are looking at using cultured hepatocytes in a bioreactor as an artificial organ ."
  16. The use of any artificial organ by humans is almost always preceded by extensive experiments with animals.
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