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  1. She was an inspiration for the composers Francis Poulenc and Arthur Honegger.
  2. It was especially influential in launching the early career of Arthur Honegger.
  3. Her primary sources of inspiration were composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen and Arthur Honegger.
  4. A composer of film music, he often collaborated with Arthur Honegger.
  5. The Swiss composer Arthur Honegger was among the audience of its first performance.
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  7. Arthur Honegger, a Swiss composer, will be the subject of the 20-franc note.
  8. Navarra also developed friendships with composers Jacques Ibert, Florent Schmitt, and Arthur Honegger.
  9. Sz鰈lQsy's musicological writings include books on Bart髃, Kod醠y, and Arthur Honegger.
  10. For a longer list of compositions, see List of compositions by Arthur Honegger.
  11. Widor's composition students during this period included Darius Milhaud, Arthur Honegger, and Germaine Tailleferre.
  12. In 1948 he went to Paris to study with Arthur Honegger and Olivier Messiaen.
  13. In 1947, he studied with Arthur Honegger and Nadia Boulanger.
  14. The OSR premiered many works of the Swiss composers Arthur Honegger and Frank Martin.
  15. For a list of select recordings, see Arthur Honegger discography.
  16. For this material, the original score was composed by Arthur Honegger in 1927 in France.
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