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  1. To avoid this, Selective Repeat ARQ can be used.
  2. Only Type I Hybrid ARQ suffers capacity loss in strong signal conditions.
  3. He admits he was wrong and offers the ARQ to the Bloc.
  4. The design of the fabric was performed by Arq.
  5. The municipal president of San Jos?Iturbide is Arq.
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  7. ARQ protocols have an important role for achieving reliability.
  8. By 1990 use of ARQ-M had reduced.
  9. ARQ-M was standardised by the Comit?consultatif international pour la radio.
  10. Renton briefly considers destroying the ARQ but allows the next iteration to begin.
  11. In the presidency of Sixto Duran Ballen Arq.
  12. The acknowledgement function is used in the automatic repeat request ( ARQ ) function.
  13. This differs from the alphabet used in the ARQ-E single channel system.
  14. A number of patents exist for the use of ARQ in live video contribution environments.
  15. The ARQ protocol also provides flow control, which may be combined with congestion avoidance.
  16. Another general class of codes are the automatic repeat-request ( ARQ ) codes.
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