aromia in a sentence

  1. The nationally scarce musk beetle Aromia moschata is also present in these areas.
  2. The "'musk beetle "'( " Aromia moschata " ) is a Eurasian species of longhorn beetle belonging to the subfamily Cerambycinae, tribe Callichromatini.
  3. Glandular substances with musk-like odors are also obtained from the musk duck ( " Biziura lobata " ) of southern Australia, the muskox, the musk shrew, the musk beetle ( " Aromia moschata " ), the African civet ( " Civettictis civetta " ), the musk turtle ( " Sternotherus odoratus " ), the American alligator of North America, lynx musk, " lungurion " which, in antiquity, was highly valued, and from several other animals.
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