armor in a sentence

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  1. He smiles readily, but often the smile seems like armor.
  2. The federal troops lost 14 servicemen and four pieces of armor.
  3. I walk away, leaving him to burn inside his armor.
  4. Krueger said one bullet struck his armor-plated embassy car.
  5. But our students entering the universities do not have sufficient armor.
  6. It's difficult to find armor in a sentence.
  7. Once you take away the armor, those multiples go away.
  8. The fifth gallery will be devoted to Asian armor and weapons.
  9. The modern-day giants do have chinks in their armor.
  10. The metallic Hapsburgs wear fancy helmets and sumptuous costumes or armor.
  11. We have to admit there is a weakness in the armor.
  12. This was medieval jousting with the armor but without the horses.
  13. "The body armor worked, " said Sgt.
  14. A NIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR, by Jewel Kilcher . ( HarperCollins,
  15. A knight wearing black armor rides a mule at the games.
  16. There have been chinks in Hunter's armor of unity.
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