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  1. It was based on a play by Paul Armont and Marcel Gerbidon.
  2. Jean Manoussi has written several theatre plays in collaboration with palywrights such as Paul Armont, Marcel Gerbidon or Gabriel Timmory.
  3. Indiana's attacker is killed days after being chased by Detective Milo Lee ( Akos Armont ) and is thrown from a balcony.
  4. The film is an adaptation by Samuel Hoffenstein, George Marion Jr . and Waldemar Young of the play " Le Tailleur au ch鈚eau " by Paul Armont and L閛pold Marchand.
  5. He is survived by his wife, Harriet; a son, John; three daughters, Margaret Armont, Elizabeth Burgess and Linda Franke; eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.
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  7. Actors Indiana Evans, Akos Armont and Jane Kennedy also join the cast as single mother Tash, the " ambitious " Dr Saxon and Belinda, the Director of Medical Services, respectively.
  8. The last of the firms she made with Foss was " The Glad Eye " ( 1920 ), an adaptation of a play by Paul Armont that she had acted in eight years previously.
  9. ""'Un amour de parapluie " "', is a French short cinema film from 1950, directed by Jean Laviron, written by Paul Armont, and starring by Jacques-Henry Duval.
  10. Once referred to as a successor of Eug鑞e Labiche and Georges Feydeau he has written 15 plays in the vaudeville as well as boulevard genre, in collaboration with dramatists such as Paul Armont, Henry de Gorsse or Andr?Mou雤y-蒾n.
  11. Her father, Jacques Fran鏾is de Corday, Seigneur d'Armont ( 1737 1798 ), unable to cope with his grief over their death, sent Corday and her younger sister to the Abbaye aux Dames convent in Caen, where she had access to the abbey's library and first encountered the writings of Plutarch, Rousseau and Voltaire.

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