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  1. Armonico Consort staged his'Monteverdi's Flying Circus '.
  2. Ghielmi also played with Ensemble Il Giardino Armonico ( in the first recordings ).
  3. In 1711 Antonio Vivaldi dedicated his " L'estro Armonico " to him.
  4. Armonico Consort s latest opera, Too Hot to Handel, was toured nationally to positive reviews.
  5. Duftschmid is the director of the ensemble Armonico Tributo Austria, besides his solo career as a gamba player.
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  7. The composer and singer is also the inventor of the " armonico, " a small guitar with eight strings.
  8. In 1985 he co-founded " Il Giardino Armonico ", a pioneering Italian early-music ensemble based in Milan.
  9. She was to have sung an all-Vivaldi program with the group Il Giardino Armonico at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall on Saturday.
  10. (Another period-instrument series begun more than a decade ago by Derek Solomons and L'Estro Armonico on Saga and CBS ultimately proved abortive.
  11. Backed by just 14 musicians from Il Giardino Armonico, a period instrument ensemble based in Milan, she made Carnegie Hall seem like a small recital room.
  12. The composer and singer is also the inventor of the " armonico, " a small guitar with eight strings, ideal for accompanying his voice.
  13. He was a musician himself, and Vivaldi probably met him in Venice . " L'estro armonico " was a resounding success all over Europe.
  14. The most important achievement of the younger Anerio, however, was his " Teatro armonico spirituale " of 1619, which is arguably the first oratorio.
  15. Vivaldi composed a few concertos specifically for " L'estro armonico ", while other concertos of the set had been composed at an earlier date.
  16. It was there in Naples that Ancina published the " Tempio Armonico della Beatissima Vergine " which was a collection of spiritual songs set to a range of voices.
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