arithmetic geometry in a sentence

  1. His research covers a wide variety of topics within arithmetic geometry.
  2. Arithmetic geometry is an active field combining algebraic geometry and number theory.
  3. Bogomolov has contributed to several aspects of arithmetic geometry.
  4. Stevens research specialties are number theory, automorphic forms, and arithmetic geometry.
  5. His research deals with algebraic and arithmetic geometry and non-archimedean function theory.
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  7. IUT is a pioneering theory whose vision lies substantially outside the scope of arithmetic geometry.
  8. Her research is based in arithmetic geometry with applications to mathematical physics and notably mirror symmetry.
  9. Silverman's work has been in number theory, arithmetic geometry, arithmetic dynamics and cryptography.
  10. These primarily arise in various branches of number theory, such as arithmetic geometry and elliptic cohomology.
  11. Even in a more concrete sense, group schemes and algebraic groups are central to arithmetic geometry.
  12. The Weil conjectures were formulated in the later 1940s as a set of mathematical problems in arithmetic geometry.
  13. The theory is radically different from any standard theories and goes well outside the scope of arithmetic geometry.
  14. In 2005 Kato received the Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy for " Research on Arithmetic Geometry ".
  15. He is known for his work in arithmetic geometry, in particular on elliptic curves in characteristic p.
  16. He worked primarily in number theory, with specific interests in p-adic analysis and arithmetic geometry.
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