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  1. Mathematical expressions include arithmetic expressions, polynomials, analytical expressions.
  2. The META II arithmetic expression rule shows grouping use.
  3. He started studying compiler theory and the evaluation of arithmetic expressions from 1967 until 1975.
  4. Here is an example showing the use of local rewriting rules to factor simple arithmetic expressions:
  5. This made him curious about it and its application to arithmetic expressions and their processing on a computer.
  6. It's difficult to find arithmetic expression in a sentence.
  7. I'm looking for a nice way to parse strings as arithmetic expressions in C + +.
  8. With the introduction of multiplication, parity can be approached in a more formal way using arithmetic expressions.
  9. This can be very convenient for executing high-level languages, because most arithmetic expressions can be easily translated into postfix notation.
  10. As it can be observed from the definition, application of distributive law to an arithmetic expression reduces the number of operations in it.
  11. The PowerShell scripting language also evaluates arithmetic expressions entered on the command line immediately, and it parses common abbreviations, such as GB, MB, and KB.
  12. Thus, it supports almost everything needed like macros, loops control, lists, string and arithmetic expressions, and avoids to the maximum the intervention of the user.
  13. Hash functions used for data searches use some arithmetic expression which iteratively processes chunks of the input ( such as the characters in a string ) to produce the hash value.
  14. This notation is interpreted as an array access when it occurs in an arithmetic expression, a constraint, or as an argument of a call to @ = / 2.
  15. Monospaced fonts are commonly used by computer programmers for displaying and editing source code so that certain characters ( for example parentheses used to group arithmetic expressions ) are easy to see.
  16. Language designers often express grammars in a syntax such as Backus-Naur form; here is such a grammar, for a simple language of arithmetic expressions with multiplication and addition:
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