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  1. It will be a simple correction of an inadvertent arithmetic error, the agency says.
  2. Did you make an arithmetic error ?  Keenan Pepper 23 : 30, 27 October 2007 ( UTC)
  3. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman argued on his faculty website that the book contained basic arithmetic errors and was " very silly ".
  4. :: I don't understand why I keep making arithmetic errors like this . talk ) 10 : 19, 1 February 2017 ( UTC)
  5. When they meet, Hawking points out an arithmetic error in Sheldon's paper that makes the whole paper incorrect : at this, a shocked Sheldon faints.
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  7. In fact, Saft said, all the benefits of cumulative voting could be lost if a shareholder makes an arithmetic error when allocating votes among several candidates.
  8. They said the Games would cost $ 56 million more than provided in the previous budget, due to arithmetic errors and failure to count some expenses.
  9. The companies had acknowledged that an arithmetic error that had gone undiscovered until late last year had inflated insurance premiums paid on more than 3 million cars.
  10. Cavendish found that the Earth's density was times that of water ( due to a simple arithmetic error, found in 1821 by Francis Baily, the erroneous value appears in his paper ).
  11. How did a sporadic arithmetic error that was not detected for months, in the chip that Intel insists is its most heavily tested microprocessor in history, become the heart of such a debacle?
  12. However, the normal process of certifying the vote count ( not recount ) revealed simple arithmetic errors which resulted in Santorum being declared the winner ( by 34 votes ) on 20 January.
  13. The only error messages were : " WHAT ? " for syntax errors, " HOW ? " for arithmetic errors such as division by zero, and " SORRY " for out of memory errors.
  14. That became clear Monday when IBM said that it was halting shipments of its Pentium-based personal computers because its researchers had found arithmetic errors far more frequently than the one-in-nine-billion occurrence rate claimed by Intel.
  15. Accounting models are true by convention, that is any experimental failure to confirm them, would be attributed to fraud, arithmetic error or an extraneous injection ( or destruction ) of cash, which we would interpret as showing the experiment was conducted improperly.
  16. Errors may occur when a business client reports figures incorrectly, where a client includes cent figures ( only dollar figures are allowable ), where an arithmetic error occurs, when a statement is submitted when no roles are active for the client, or when the handwriting on a paper statement is illegible.

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