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  1. Crossover is implemented using arithmetic crossover operator . then unsymmetrical mutation is conducted using the new mutation operator which can expand the scope of chromosome gene value , at the same time , the chromosome with the highest fitness values are retained for each iteration . a lot of experiments are implemented to obtain the optimized initial weighs and bias
  2. Better segmentation effect can be attained by coding gray levels of pixels as eigenvector , taking advantage of histogram entropy principles function as fitness function , adopting ranking selection operation , making use of arithmetic crossover and mutation at a certain probability , combining with clustering analysis to initialize clustering center of the population to segment cells image with genetic algorithm
  3. On the base of analysing the shortcoming of genetic algotithms , three improved techniques for genetic algorithms are bring forward in this paper : fuzzy penalty fitness function , random dislocation arithmetic crossover , fuzzy parameter adjust policy , which improve genetic algorithms capability of global convergence and convergent speed . at the same time , the improved genetic algorithms are applied to nonlinear mixed integer problems and complex nonlinear function optimization
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