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  1. Indeed the particular argument that ensued embodied a more general one.
  2. The film gods demand to be fed image, not arguments.
  3. -- Find out if there is a counter-argument.
  4. But this is an argument primarily of interest to Unix purists.
  5. The short answer is that there is something to this argument.
  6. It's difficult to find argument in a sentence.
  7. The more common argument for Congressional authority is the Constitution itself.
  8. Criticisms are likely to center on the following arguments : 1.
  9. The appeals court ruling Friday, however, rejected that argument.
  10. I had no trouble with him, no arguments with him.
  11. Holland serves as the example for both sides of the argument.
  12. As the arguments fly, some of the advice is straightforward.
  13. Justice Stephen G . Breyer missed the day's arguments.
  14. Petitioner advances two arguments meant to justify vacatur on systemic grounds.
  15. Justice Clarence Thomas took an uncharacteristically active role in the argument.
  16. Their argument is partly supported by U . N . officials.
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