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  1. Both sides put their best arguments in writing this month.
  2. Khan submitted documents and defense arguments in writing Saturday, and the hearing is to resume Sunday.
  3. The prosecution submitted its final arguments in writing.
  4. They have, however, submitted detailed legal arguments in writing, arguing that the court is not the proper forum for the dispute.
  5. Lawyers for Sheik Abdul-Ameer al-Jamri, 62, submitted their final arguments in writing to a three-judge court Tuesday, said Abdul-Shaheed Khalaf, one of the defense lawyers.
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  7. If the panel agrees with the university, which already has submitted its arguments in writing, the decision would be sent back to the accrediting council for reconsideration.
  8. On another, separate legal track, the two sides will file legal briefs with the US Supreme Court Tuesday, and respond to each other's arguments in writing on Thursday.
  9. Straw has said he would not be seeing any national delegations or representatives of interest groups in deciding whether or not to issue the so-called authority to proceed, but that he would consider arguments in writing.

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