argument from silence in a sentence

"argument from silence" in Chinese  
  1. It merely says that the argument from silence can be useful.
  2. Here the argument from silence is very convincing ."
  3. This is what is known as an " argument from silence ."
  4. Yet this is an argument from silence, and although plausible, is not decisive.
  5. In Lange's analysis, an argument from silence is only suggestive and never logically conclusive.
  6. It's difficult to find argument from silence in a sentence.
  7. There is something called the argument from silence, which is a type of argument found in historical analysis.
  8. On the other hand, lack of witness by ancient sources suggests a later date, an argument from silence.
  9. Frances Wood based her controversial book " Did Marco Polo go to China ? " on arguments from silence.
  10. In discussionI pointed out that this reference was only applicable as an argument from silence after dismissing the author's stated position.
  11. As for the issue of the topic ban, I would not feel comfortable sanctioning MV for the edit to Argument from silence.
  12. My belief is that arguments from silence, and creating judgments that clash with the clear words of the cited source is Original Research.
  13. Professor of English Michael Duncan states that there are very few scholarly analyses of arguments from silence; but these typically view it as fallacious.
  14. They imagine they can re-write the article " Argument from silence " and use it to support their thesis that Jesus never existed.
  15. In view of the selective nature of the " F閘ire ", arguments from silence have little to recommend it, at least in individual cases.
  16. The few passages that imply arguments from silence and the exact meaning of the connections noted in the " Futuh " seem to be OR to me.
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