argument from reason in a sentence

  1. This extension of the argument from reason states:
  2. Fridugisus accepts this answer and defends it both by arguments from authority and by arguments from reason.
  3. In 1998, Reppert posted his paper " The Argument from Reason " to the Secular Web.
  4. Similar to Anscombe, Richard Carrier and John Beversluis have written extensive objections to the argument from reason on the untenability of its first postulate.
  5. On the other hand, trust in the speaker, built through " ethos ", enhances the appeal of arguments from reason.
  6. It's difficult to find argument from reason in a sentence.
  7. Philosophers and scientists such as Victor Reppert, William Hasker, and Alvin Plantinga have developed an argument for dualism dubbed the " argument from reason ".
  8. In some versions of the argument from reason, Lewis extends the argument to defend a further conclusion : that human reason depends on an eternal, self-existent rational Being ( God ).
  9. Philosophers and scientists including Victor Reppert, William Hasker, and Alvin Plantinga have expanded on the " Argument from Reason " and credit Lewis with first bringing the argument to light in " Miracles ".
  10. On 2 February 1948, Oxford philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe read a paper to the Oxford Socratic Club criticizing the version of the argument from reason contained in the third chapter of Lewis's " Miracles ".
  11. Arguments from reason ( logical arguments ) have some advantages, namely that data are ( ostensibly ) difficult to manipulate, so it is harder to argue against such an argument; and such arguments make the speaker look prepared and knowledgeable to the audience, enhancing " ethos ".
  12. Another possible argument that has been proposed by C . S . Lewis is the Argument from Reason : if, as monism implies, all of our thoughts are the effects of physical causes, then we have no reason for assuming that they are also the consequent of a reasonable ground.
  13. Lewis never claimed that he invented the argument from reason; in fact, he refers to it a " venerable philosophical chestnut . " Early versions of the argument occur in the works of Arthur Balfour ( see, e . g ., " The Foundations of Belief ", 1879, chap . 13 ) and G . K . Chesterton.
  14. In " Defensor pacis ", Marsilius sought to demonstrate, by arguments from reason ( in " Dictio I " of the text ) and by argument from authority ( in " Dictio II " ) the independence of the Holy Roman Empire from the Papacy and the emptiness of the prerogatives alleged to have been usurped by the Roman pontiffs.
  15. Other critics have objected that Lewis's argument from reason fails because the causal origins of beliefs are often irrelevant to whether those beliefs are rational, justified, warranted, etc . Anscombe, for example, argues that " if a man has reasons, and they are good reasons, and they are genuinely his reasons, for thinking something then his thought is rational, whatever causal statements we make about him " ( Anscombe 1981 : 229 ).
  16. "C . S . Lewis's Dangerous Idea " attracted a lot of response, including some comments by critics, most notably Richard C . Carrier, who on Internet Infidels called the book " surely the most extensive defense of the so-called'Argument from Reason'yet to appear in print . " Carrier's review " is about as long as the book itself ", Reppert noted only half-jokingly, before going on to respond to some of Carrier's criticisms.
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