argument from queerness in a sentence

  1. This is the epistemic aspect of Mackie's argument from queerness.
  2. Mackie's argument from queerness has also inspired fictionalists and has been cited as support for quasi-realism.
  3. Most of all, he thinks it is very unclear how objective values could supervene on features of the natural world ( see the " Argument from queerness " ).
  4. Other realists ( including Moore himself ) have concluded that moral terms refer to non-natural, sui generis properties or relations; but non-naturalism is vulnerable to the argument from queerness ( see below ).
  5. Mackie argues that moral assertions are only true if there are moral properties that are intrinsically motivating, but there is good reason to believe that there are no such intrinsically motivating properties ( see the argument from queerness and motivational internalism ).
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  7. As with other anti-realist meta-ethical theories, non-cognitivism is largely supported by the argument from queerness : ethical properties, if they existed, would be different from any other thing in the universe, since they have no observable effect on the world.
  8. The first argument people attribute to Mackie, often called the argument from queerness, holds that moral claims imply motivation internalism ( the doctrine that " It is necessary and " a priori " that any agent who judges that one of his available actions is morally obligatory will have some ( defeasible ) motivation to perform that action " ).
  9. Other criticisms of the argument include noting that for the very fact that such entities would have to be something fundamentally different from what we normally experience and therefore assumably outside our sphere of experience we cannot " prima facie " have reason to either doubt or affirm their existence; therefore, if one had independent grounds for supposing such things to exist ( such as, for instance, a " reductio ad absurdum " of the contrary ) then the argument from queerness cannot give one any particular reason to think otherwise.

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