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  1. In 1950 the Gloucestershire area operations were transferred to Bristol Tramways.
  2. The same circumstances forced the company to shutter most of their other area operations.
  3. In September 2005, he became assistant chief constable with responsibly for area operations.
  4. In 1970 the Wiltshire area operations of Western National were transferred to Bristol Omnibus Company.
  5. The Brigade employed often in out of area operations and has served in Iraqi insurgents.
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  7. The area operation opened in North Kansas City in 1986 with 30 employees and grew quickly.
  8. The 116th Rear Area Operations Center moved to FOB Endurance after Thanksgiving 2004 from Mosul AB.
  9. Exodus'Bay Area operations consume 12 megawatts of electricity _ as much as 12, 000 houses.
  10. The depot in Dunbar closed shortly afterwards, as the East Lothian area operations were concentrated on Haddington.
  11. They worked at Snow Bowl and learned everything they needed to know about snow making and ski area operations.
  12. Both the Karur-based banks are keen to consolidate their regional presence, seeking the advantages of niche area operations.
  13. Some MPs, such as the US MP Corps, are used as the primary defense force in rear area operations.
  14. Her condition, notes Roger Gunson, the District Attorney's director of branch and area operations, could change overnight.
  15. Steve White, head of AT & AMP; T Broadband's metro area operations, promised to speed network upgrades.
  16. In August 1976 the unit was reorganized and redesignated as the 258th Support Center, later the 258th Rear Area Operations Center.
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