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  1. So I would think the above usage illustrates an area of overlap.
  2. The laser is pretty much the only significant area of overlap.
  3. One of the biggest areas of overlap is in the Caribbean.
  4. Even in areas of overlap, there is sufficient competition not to warrant it.
  5. "There clearly could be areas of overlap, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find area of overlap in a sentence.
  7. Here she found an area of overlap with eugenicists.
  8. In the areas of overlap, inter-unit track coordination functions take place, ensuring system tracking continuity.
  9. In the areas of overlap, the two species also adapt their activity patterns to avoid conflict.
  10. The plexus involving white and Engelmann spruces in their area of overlap has long exercised taxonomists.
  11. Liaison psychiatry has areas of overlap with other disciplines including psychosomatic medicine, health psychology and neuropsychiatry.
  12. The fields of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology are closely related, and have large areas of overlap.
  13. There are many areas of overlap with some of the existing business of P & O Nedlloyd.
  14. Pi bonds result from overlap of atomic orbitals that are in contact through two areas of overlap.
  15. There are many areas of overlap with some of the existing business of P & AMP; O Nedlloyd.
  16. And if you notice, there's always areas of overlap between various government agencies and between different Cabinet departments,"
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