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  1. Tessier was known to be very proud of his area of origin.
  2. This relegates the area of origins to the realm of philosophy.
  3. Some welfare funds are organized by neighborhood or area of origin.
  4. They learned the rudiments of tropical agriculture, different from their area of origin.
  5. This fire was pretty much restricted to the area of origin,
  6. It's difficult to find area of origin in a sentence.
  7. The surname was used as an identifier for area of origin.
  8. The name was changed to more accurately describe its area of origin in Bosnia.
  9. Areas of origin of the bean correspond to malarial areas.
  10. Registration area of Origins Origins is the site of the annual Origins Awards ceremony.
  11. Additionally, a further estimated 4 million internally displaced returned to their areas of origin.
  12. In addition, there currently are no court opinions regarding area of origin watershed rights.
  13. There is no known organ or area of origin.
  14. Area of origin water rights parallel pueblo water rights.
  15. A more specific and generally accepted area of origin is considered to have been Dalmatia.
  16. In the area of origin ( Flanders, Belgium ) cropping was made illegal in 2006.
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