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  1. Caminer worked generally in the area of operations management and cost accounting.
  2. Since downsizing, ODOT has become more efficient in most areas of operation.
  3. Their area of operations also included civilian airfields and Civil Air Defense.
  4. Other areas of operations included Herat city, as well as RC North.
  5. Although formally assigned to 5th Fleet areas of operation on 16 November.
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  7. The Border Police heaviest area of operation is the city of Jerusalem.
  8. We remain focused on deploying to an essential command area of operations.
  9. The group provides an airpower presence in the Afghanistan area of operations.
  10. In January the XVIII Airborne Corps shifted its area of operations west.
  11. Their area of operations included the areas between Fallujah and Abu Ghraib.
  12. The company said there was steady growth in all areas of operations.
  13. From 1998 to 2004, CESR extended its projects and areas of operations.
  14. The Seventh Fleet's area of operation covers 52 million square miles ( 135
  15. Razzak's area of operations stretches from Kandahar to Zabul, Uruzgan and Helmand provinces.
  16. Guards tightly control access to its area of operations in Ecuador.
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