area of north korea in a sentence

  1. Delegation members complained they were not permitted to visit famine-stricken areas of North Korea despite repeated requests.
  2. Caritas International, which is based in Rome, recently delivered more than 3, 000 tons of rice to flood-stricken areas of North Korea.
  3. Pentagon investigators are beginning a search for the remains of hundreds of American servicemen killed in the Chosin Reservoir area of North Korea in 1950, officials said Friday.
  4. Most Asians will have more than enough cereals to eat this year, but famine is stalking areas of North Korea and four other countries also have problems, a U . N . agency said Monday.
  5. In other areas of North Korea society the term  Chollima speed is still used to depict rapid completion of expectations, referring to both the mythical horse but also to the economic growth in the 1950s.
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  7. Some analysts believe the North's cancellation of the talks may have reflected dissatisfaction with lower level negotiations, like those on payment by the Hyundai group for tours to the Mount Kumkang area of North Korea.
  8. Chong gave rainfall figures for several areas of North Korea over the past few days, which included a total precipitation of 49.6 centimeters ( 20 inches ) in the border city of Kaesung on Friday and Saturday.
  9. The remains were recovered this month by U . S . specialists searching two areas of North Korea where U . S . forces took heavy losses in November and December 1950, after Chinese forces entered the Korean war.
  10. Pickering, briefing reporters at a meeting of G-7 foreign and finance ministers, called the pact " an extremely important document, because clearly it provides a way ahead for nonproliferation in the area of North Korea ."
  11. Interviewed by telephone from a stop-over in South Korea, Hall said his driving tours of southern and northeastern areas of North Korea suggested malnutrition continues to be widespread throughout the countryside, even though conditions in the capital Pyongyang appear to have improved slightly since his last visit about a year ago.

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