area of mexico in a sentence

  1. It goes to the areas of Mexico that need it most.
  2. This hurricane also caused heavy rains to coastal areas of Mexico.
  3. On April 15, 2010, more areas of Mexico were uploaded.
  4. The border is one of the most vibrant yet troubled areas of Mexico.
  5. The convent lies in an extremely built-up area of Mexico City.
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  7. Many have immigrated from rural areas of Mexico or moved from Los Angeles.
  8. In Puebla, the holiday is celebrated more than in other areas of Mexico.
  9. It could be obtained only in certain areas of Mexico and would spoil quickly.
  10. Starting on October 8, Hurricane Winifred caused rainfall over an extensive area of Mexico.
  11. Several low-lying areas of Mexico City have also been hard-hit by rains.
  12. Most students are coming from California and rural areas of Mexico because of new job opportunities.
  13. Many people moved here from impoverished areas of Mexico to take advantage of an expected tourist boom.
  14. Another spot notes that AIDS is spreading in areas of Mexico where large numbers of people emigrate.
  15. However, it is also one of the areas of Mexico with the highest levels of malnutrition.
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