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  1. The first variable area meter with rotating float was invented by Karl Kueppers in Aachen in 1908.
  2. Also, in some areas meters have relays for demand response load shedding during peak load periods.
  3. It belongs to a class of meters called variable area meters, which measure flow rate by allowing the cross-sectional area the fluid travels through, to vary, causing a measurable effect.
  4. Its products include thermal mass flow controllers / meters, Coriolis mass flow controllers / meters, variable area meters ( aka rotameters ), level products, direct liquid injection systems, and more.
  5. A "'variable area meter "'is a meter that measures fluid flow by allowing the cross sectional area of the device to vary in response to the flow, causing some measurable effect that indicates the rate.
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  7. LI-COR also manufactures light sensors, leaf area meters, and plant canopy analyzers, all of which are used to make fundamental measurements in disciplines including plant physiology, climate change, agronomy ( forestry and agriculture ), and other areas of the natural sciences.
  8. A rotameter is an example of a variable area meter, where a weighted " float " rises in a tapered tube as the flow rate increases; the float stops rising when area between float and tube is large enough that the weight of the float is balanced by the drag of fluid flow.

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