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  1. Land area measurements are originally recorded as whole square meters.
  2. PhotoScan is an easy to use tool for simple volume and area measurements.
  3. This is an area measurement that does not include human or other biological activity.
  4. This work has implicated DUF1220 copy number in multiple brain volume and surface area measurements.
  5. Bona also reformed agriculture taxation in Lithuania ( including uniform duties on the peasants and area measurements ).
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  7. The area measurements should be per the article infoboxes, the relevant archipelago lists and List of islands of Scotland.
  8. He very purposefully intended land area measurements to be easy for common folk to use, and based on a metric grid.
  9. Its members contribute to the revisions of amendments to standardise forms of building contracts and have issued guidance notes on floor area measurement methods.
  10. Version 1.3, released August 17, 2011, added support of unit typing, layer visibility, area measurement and file management.
  11. He also participated in the work of compiling and editing three very important books in astronomy and joined the team of China's area measurement.
  12. "' Projected area "'is two-dimensional area measurement of a three-dimensional object by projecting its shape on to an arbitrary plane.
  13. Various sources quote different sizes for the farm that Melville purchased ( using the Imperial'acre'unit of area measurement ) of between 10 to 13 acres.
  14. All area measurements are in square miles, but are also converted to square kilometers to conform with policy and aid readers who are not familiar with US / Imperial measurements.
  15. Software systems which store dimensional data related to sales offers as shown on page layouts should be capable of delivering the necessary area measurements for each item offered on each page in tabular form.
  16. Here c is a constant which depends on the unit used for area measurement, and equals the number of species that would exist if the habitat area was confined to one square unit.
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