area measure in a sentence

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  1. It was typically in the middle in most other areas measured.
  2. The Philippine marine area measures around seven times its land area.
  3. In addition, the tower's net usable area measures.
  4. The current terminal has an area measuring 1, 440 m2.
  5. This drainage area measures approximately east west by north south.
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  7. The municipal area measures 1 & thinsp; 196 ha.
  8. Roughly circular in shape, it has an area measuring.
  9. The citadel erected under the Seljuqs occupied an area measuring.
  10. They were then forced into an area measuring only about of roadway.
  11. The battlefield area measures about east-west and north-south.
  12. The stadium building area measures 24, 614 square meters.
  13. The arena building area measures 14, 164 square meters.
  14. The fort area measures 24.29 hectares of land.
  15. Its area measures approximately twenty-two city blocks.
  16. The municipal area measures 443 ha, of which 118 ha is wooded.
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