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  1. Just because an area lights up does not mean something important was found, Newsome said.
  2. Visitors to this area light candles for the man, hoping his soul will be freed from purgatory.
  3. On 7 May 1956 Trigg faced Ken Rowlands, the holder of the Welsh area light heavyweight title.
  4. He fought for his first title, the Northern Area light heavyweight title, in June 1929, losing to Len Johnson on points.
  5. "The more difficult the task, the more the same areas light up in brain imaging, " indicating increased activity, said Cohen.
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  7. Electroluminescent ( EL ) lamp ( as used in this presentation / website ) is a solid state area light source.
  8. He faced Patrick again a month later, stopping him in the tenth round to take the BBBofC Southern Area light middleweight title.
  9. As she discusses her 600 muscles, 206 bones, her brain and other organs, each area lights up in sequence to musical accompaniment.
  10. In November 1988 he Kevin Plant on points in his home city to win the vacant BBBofC Central Area light welterweight title.
  11. After winning his first seven fights he beat Clay O'Shea in January 1995 to take the vacant BBBofC Southern Area light middleweight title.
  12. Portland, Oregon has actively pursued transit village style development along the Portland area light rail known as Metropolitan Area Express ( MAX ).
  13. While backers ready more details for a Phoenix-area light-rail train, other folks are leaning hard on the brake, arguing for alternative forms of rapid transit.
  14. In April 1990 he beat Shaun Cummins to become BBBofC Midland Area light middleweight champion, successfully defending the title in January 1991 against Tony Collins.
  15. His poetry and prose were collected in " Selected Poems " ( 1972 ), " Areas Lights Heights : Selected Writings, 1954-1989 " ( 1989 ).
  16. His early career was undistinguished, winning only 7 of his first 39 fights, including an unsuccessful challenge for Pat Barrett's BBBofC Central Area light welterweight title.
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