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  1. Police also have used cadaver-sniffing dogs to search some area landfills, he said.
  2. He said police may also expand their search area landfills.
  3. The Chicago-area landfill would be built atop abandoned gravel pits that are now filled with water.
  4. Locally, McHale estimated up to 40 percent of trash in Allentown-area landfills come from other states.
  5. The Chicago-area landfill would be built atop abandoned gravel pits that are now filled with water and used by wildfowl.
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  7. The measure took on significance locally after disclosure that low-level radioactive waste from Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory was dumped at three Valley-area landfills.
  8. But the Salt River Project plans to become the first utility in Arizona to capture methane from Phoenix-area landfills and turn it into electricity.
  9. The EPA's tentative plan calls for the dredged sludge to be treated at two facilities sited along the river, and then shipped to an out-of-the-area landfill.
  10. Prosecutors on Friday asked the state Supreme Court to reinstate the confession of a Saudi man accused in the slaying of a Saudi student whose body was found in a Denver-area landfill.
  11. "People worry we'll lose the reasons why people come here : the beaches, the beautiful environment, " said Democratic state Sen . Phil Leventis, a harsh critic of the Sumter-area landfill in his district.
  12. The subpoenas demand records that could show links among WTI's incinerator in East Liverpool, a Steubenville area landfill, and a laundry list of state governor's office and environmental regulatory officials, Columbus lobbyists and V Group employees.
  13. Dinneen and Curran saw it as an opportunity to keep the building at little cost to the county and also divert some of the green waste-- such as grass clippings and leaves-- away from area landfills.
  14. Meantime, officers and police recruits spent another fruitless day searching for the 24-year-old Levy in Washington parks, while police have decided not to look in any more area landfills because of the time and cost involved.
  15. In a 2001 decision, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the U . S . Army Corps of Engineers overstepped its authority when it blocked construction of a Chicago area landfill in the 1990s on the site of an abandoned sand and gravel pit mining operation.

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