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  1. Their disadvantage, however, is lower area efficiency compared to other types.
  2. Both these equations contain the area efficiency of emission " ? " r.
  3. MiaSol?obtained a certified 15.7 % aperture-area efficiency on a 1m 2 production module, and Solar Frontier claimed a 17.8 % efficiency on a 900 cm 2 module.
  4. Hoffman has also written several technical papers about the technology, including,'Solar Panel Performance Survey', and'Area Efficiency, Light Capture Efficiency, and their Maximization in Solar Tracking Arrays '.
  5. More generally, the aims in technological development of large-area field emitters are to enhance the uniformity of emission by increasing the value of the area efficiency of emission " ? " r, and to reduce the " onset " voltage at which significant emission occurs, by increasing the value of " ? ".
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