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  1. The statistics from the census'recent State and Metropolitan Area Data Book show Kansas City has:
  2. MSR Maps has Urban Areas data for 40 cities.
  3. "' NOTE : "'area is now added automatically thanks to the Swiss area data template.
  4. Area data is taken from a 2012 report compiled by the United Nations Statistics Division.
  5. It acts as a new-age infrastructure for the downloading of Protected Area data by registered users.
  6. It's difficult to find area data in a sentence.
  7. It is used for T1 and ISDN termination and local area data channels / subrate digital services.
  8. Further down the page is a map of these osiedles and a table of population and area data.
  9. Late last month Statistics New Zealand released an update of the subnational population estimates, minus the urban area data.
  10. Ten cities in the list of 1267 cities had no land area data ( e . g ., Goleta, California ).
  11. The quarterly survey, which tracks nearly 38 million mortgages on one-to four-unit properties in the United States, did not break out Bay Area data.
  12. At SC09 ( Portland, OR ), a collaborative team from NCDM, Naval Research Lab, and iCAIR showcased UDT-powered wide area data intensive cloud computing applications.
  13. The information collected provides only local area data needed for communities to receive federal program funds and for private sector and community planning, the bureau adds.
  14. Some focus on multiple transmission media such as voice, data, fax and video; while others extend their application to video-conferencing, wide area data communication, multimedia and fax services.
  15. There are no patient based links, as information about each indicator is collected separately, but it is possible to combine information from different practices to generate area data.
  16. "' Gfarm file system "'is an open source distributed file system, generally used for large-scale cluster computing and wide-area data sharing, and provides features to manage replica location explicitly.
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