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  1. The degree of underestimation can be estimated from a species-area curve.
  2. Even that gets complicated, because of species-area curves.
  3. The "'Hilly Flanks "'is an area curving around the Tigris, Euphrates, and Jordan valleys in Western Asia.
  4. Her free kick from outside the penalty area curved around the defensive wall, bounced off the post and was cleared.
  5. The safe operating area curve is a graphical representation of the power handling capability of the device under various conditions.
  6. It's difficult to find area curve in a sentence.
  7. Until now calculations of extinction rates, especially in tropical forests, have often depended on a theoretical construct called the species-area curve.
  8. The Unified Theory unifies " biodiversity ", as measured by species-abundance curves, with " biogeography ", as measured by species-area curves.
  9. A quadrat that encloses the minimal area is called a relev? and using species area curves in this way is called the relev?method.
  10. The rate of extinction once a species manages to colonize an island is affected by island size; this is the "'species-area curve or effect " '.
  11. The problem with this is that the species area curve does not usually approach an asymptote, so it is not obvious what should be taken as the total.
  12. The roughness trace is on the left, the amplitude distribution curve is in the middle, and the bearing area curve ( Abbott-Firestone curve ) is on the right.
  13. A "'species area curve "'describes the relationship between the area of a habitat, or of part of a habitat, and the number of species found within that area.
  14. Nagoya's goal came in the second minute when a free kick by French midfielder Franck Durix well outside the penalty area curved past goalie Masahiko Nakagawa into the net.
  15. In the first part of the 20th century, plant ecologists often used the species area curve to estimate the minimum size of a quadrat necessary to adequately characterize a community.
  16. Classic ecological questions amenable to study through the techniques of macroecology include questions of species richness, latitudinal gradients in species diversity, the species-area curve, range size, body size, and species abundance.
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