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  1. DynaTAC was an abbreviation of " Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage ."
  2. Burn time is 25 seconds, with an area coverage of 120 square meters.
  3. The biggest individual FM channel in India in both area coverage and listenership.
  4. In rural areas coverage of drinking water was 65 % and sanitation 37 %.
  5. Its Bay Area coverage currently includes San Francisco, the Peninsula and the East Bay.
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  7. "When you don't have enough surface area coverage, it is very difficult to do that.
  8. Five channel audio was specified, but a decision among the fringe-area coverage equivalent to analog transmission.
  9. The IPP increased the commodity area coverage and detail of its indexes as more samples were initiated.
  10. It is recommended that he plays as an outfielder to take advantage of his wide defense area coverage.
  11. Other identities for the London area coverage were " London Plus ", and finally " Newsroom South East ".
  12. The area coverage rate ( measured in area per unit time ) is proportional to system power and aperture size.
  13. This is in response to the realization that the Klub and YJ-18, the S-3 would restore area coverage for ASW duties.
  14. They are ideally suited to recreational and professional users who do not need wide area coverage with base stations and repeaters.
  15. Subject area coverage encompasses English language syntax, phonology, lexicology, semantics, stylistics, dialectology, vocabulary, orthography, dictionaries and grammars; literature and the computer.
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