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  1. Ahamansu is one of six Towns and Area Councils in the district.
  2. In 1916, the Westark Area Council ( # 016 ) was formed.
  3. Jamestown is the council seat of its local municipality, Northern Areas Council.
  4. It changed its name again in 1928 to the Austin Area Council.
  5. The Scouts'Los Angeles Area Council has 38, 000 members in 891 units.
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  7. Camp Yocona is the Boy Scout camp serving the Yocona Area Council.
  8. In 1925 the Aberdeen Area Council ( # 703 ) was founded.
  9. Parry said in the text of a speech to the Bay Area Council.
  10. It changed its name again in 1926 to Greater Grand Forks Area Council.
  11. They are ruled directly from Islamabad through a Northern Areas Council.
  12. Magness Adventure Camp is the Denver Area Council's Cub Scouting camp.
  13. In 2001, the Yocona Area Council celebrated its 75th Diamond Anniversary.
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