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  1. The university currently employs 176 RAs, 17 GAs, and 11 area coordinators.
  2. Area coordinators were assigned to each of four regions of the country.
  3. Since 2012, Frank is area coordinator of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship group.
  4. "We are ready, " says Muhammet Uygun, deputy disaster area coordinator.
  5. In addition, the command would serve as Navy area coordinator for South Vietnam.
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  7. All communities have resident assistants, graduate assistants and area coordinators.
  8. She's a precinct captain and area coordinator for the party.
  9. One area coordinator said youth participants each will receive a few dollars for souvenirs.
  10. The group holds monthly dinner meetings in its various locations, arranged by 150 area coordinators.
  11. These students are often overseen by an Area Coordinator or a mid-level student affairs officer.
  12. ISP to qualify VI Area Coordinator Central Java-Yogyakarta.
  13. Doors Open Days now take place throughout Scotland thanks to a dedicated team of area coordinators.
  14. Each district has an Area Coordinator who oversees the programmes through an Office Manager and Programme Managers.
  15. While at Duke he was an area coordinator, overseeing a staff of Residential Advisors in Duke s freshmen dorms.
  16. In 1992, Rittmann moved to Northwestern University to become the John Evans Professor and Area Coordinator of Environmental Engineering.
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