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  1. The Pacific Ocean Area command formally became operational on 8 May.
  2. The Iraq Area Command was still in charge on the ground.
  3. Three districts directly subordinate to the area command eventually replaced it.
  4. During the Chinese sources as the " Persian Area Command ".
  5. The loss of the area commands meant gain in other areas.
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  7. Later these Area Commands were grouped under Zone Commands as follows:
  8. It later became the headquarters for the Northern Area Command until 1994.
  9. It is assigned to Turkish Navy's Southern Sea Area Command.
  10. It immediately became the headquarters of the British Area Command.
  11. Equivalent housing in white areas commands a higher rent.
  12. Lewis was retired, while Boyd was sidelined into rear-area commands.
  13. Area commands and bureaus are typically led by captains.
  14. Since June 2010, this territory was divided into two military area command.
  15. Watson became Deputy Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area Command in April 2010.
  16. The area commands and their responsibilities evolved over time according to changing circumstances.
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