archangel uriel in a sentence

  1. They invoked Archangel Uriel, whose name is common in amulets and magic rituals.
  2. Stained glass of archangel Uriel as regent of the Sun in the cloisters of Chester Cathedral.
  3. The archangel Uriel calls Mouse " little brother " and tells him his task is not yet over.
  4. The Archangel Uriel shows that Michael's house is surrounded by guardian angels, which resemble Secret Service agents.
  5. The archangel Uriel is sent to answer the question, responding that God's ways cannot be understood by the human mind.
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  7. He later learns that his Soulfire is likely a gift from the archangel Uriel, who seems to have taken an interest in him.
  8. The Book of Enoch, deuterocanonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, names the remaining four archangels Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel, and Ramiel.
  9. Despite the fact that Michael no longer wields one of the Swords, the archangel Uriel assures Harry that he is still doing good work.
  10. The game focuses on events occurring in the Agyn Peninsula of Ashan, on the continent of Thallan, following the war created by the archangel Uriel.
  11. When Mephisto appeared to claim Noble's soul, Mephisto's brother, the archangel Uriel appeared and demanded that the soul of Noble Kale be spared.
  12. McAuliffe was cast as the archangel Uriel alongside Djimon Hounsou in Alex Proyas'action film, " Paradise Lost ", before the project was suspended.
  13. Duke Slava, Pavel's son, retaliates in solidarity with the Orcs, and the Dukes'bickering forces cause the Archangel Uriel-Michael's brother-to intervene.
  14. At the end of the novel, the archangel Uriel takes Harry's spirit to visit Thomas, and Harry sees that Justine has voluntarily given up her protection against Thomas'touch so that he can feed on her again.
  15. According to the Bible, a cherub ( or the archangel Uriel in some traditions ) with a flaming sword was placed by God at the gates of Paradise after Adam and Eve were banished from it ( Genesis 3 : 24 ).
  16. Another subject is the meeting of the infant Jesus with his cousin, the infant John the Baptist, who, according to legend was rescued from Bethlehem before the massacre by the Archangel Uriel, and joined the Holy Family in Egypt.
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