archangel raphael in a sentence

  1. Next to the hospital is a church dedicated to the Archangel Raphael.
  2. These symbolize the Archangel Raphael and John of God.
  3. At the front was a stone statue of the archangel Raphael with bronze wings.
  4. The archangels Raphael as well as guardian angels were said to have appeared to her.
  5. The name of the archangel Raphael appears only in the Book of Tobit ( Tobias ).
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  7. Over the heads of the archangels Raphael and Michael a lamb shines as a symbol of Christ.
  8. This was followed by the feature film, " Gabriel " where he played Archangel Raphael.
  9. The Esrafil ( the archangel Raphael ), standing ready to blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgement.
  10. Their presence does not fall in line with Chuck's Gospel, so the Archangel Raphael begins to descend.
  11. Near the main altar, a chapel also had a " Archangel Raphael and Tobias " by Bonito.
  12. This scene is often interpreted as Tobias with his dog and the Archangel Raphael traveling to ask Sara to be his wife.
  13. The major annual celebrations revolve around the town s patron saints, especially Saint Louis, the Bishop and the Archangel Raphael.
  14. The feast of Saint Louis, the Bishop is on 20 August and the feast of the Archangel Raphael is 29 September.
  15. Two lateral altars have canvases depicting the " Madonna del Carmelo " and the " Archangel Raphael ".
  16. Among the statues is one of the Archangel Raphael leading a boy with a fish; the archangel was the patron protector of fishermen.
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