archangel gabriel in a sentence

  1. The Archangel Gabriel is shown approaching Mary, who sits reading.
  2. In 1678, he cast a Archangel Gabriel at Chistiy Prud.
  3. It was popularized by the association with the Biblical archangel Gabriel.
  4. When the knight is killed player has to defeat Archangel Gabriel.
  5. The archangel Gabriel is seen to Muhammad's right with multiple wings.
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  7. The masque had a cloud descend with Archangel Gabriel, incinerating the hydra.
  8. Over the ceiling is a 12th-century statue of the Archangel Gabriel.
  9. To help her, Cust骴ia becomes her maid, along the archangel Gabriel.
  10. He then reveals that he is the archangel Gabriel.
  11. Then Fortinbras appears, like the Archangel Gabriel, in the outfit of a warrior.
  12. Muslims believe it represents the words of God revealed by the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad.
  13. The archangel Gabriel appeared to the idols.
  14. The Cherubim is the angelic choir connected to Yesod, headed by the Archangel Gabriel.
  15. Directly behind the cenotaph is a column topped by a statue of the archangel Gabriel.
  16. The disciple knew then that this was no ordinary monk, but the Archangel Gabriel.
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