approach toward in a sentence

"approach toward" in Chinese  
  1. Clark said of his approach toward the left-handed hitter.
  2. Her findings led to a new approach toward designing such systems.
  3. Much of his approach toward mergers was learned the hard way.
  4. Millennium took a hands-off approach toward LDP-341.
  5. Wal-Mart also has had a positive approach toward employees.
  6. It's difficult to find approach toward in a sentence.
  7. Rowland is known to have a sometimes careless approach toward money.
  8. The application flap underscores Tokyo's ambiguous approach toward Beijing.
  9. Wickremesinghe has favored a conciliatory approach toward the rebel Tamil Tigers.
  10. They were not aware of Miles and his approach toward them.
  11. Approaches toward preparing the skeleton of spirotryprostatin B have varied considerably.
  12. The hands-off approach toward the Fed was a conscious one.
  13. Did this approach toward inflection points inform your own action?
  14. Ogden thinks laissez-faire is the only approach toward tyro gardeners.
  15. McCain urged a particularly aggressive approach toward what he called rogue states.
  16. He prefers the vertical approach toward the opponent's goal line.
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