approach to in a sentence

"approach to" in Chinese  
  1. Your new approach to training will develop responsive and enthusiastic performance.
  2. I think the Smith bill is the best approach to spambusting.
  3. Tomjanovich has a simple approach to getting the most from Cassell.
  4. The Guerreros took a slightly different approach to feeding the masses.
  5. We need a more thoughtful approach to this powerful new medium.
  6. It's difficult to find approach to in a sentence.
  7. My basic approach to computing from the beginning has been optimistic.
  8. Kempston Darkes herself takes exactly that approach to running GM Canada.
  9. There has not been an approach to have a formal inquiry,
  10. A slow approach to weight loss is the key to success.
  11. Naehring says his approach to spring training will be as always.
  12. George is taking a matter of fact approach to the injury.
  13. The music is really surprising in its approach to the poems,
  14. The two men often differ in their approach to the Balkans.
  15. Their conservative approach to money management deliver stability and guarantee returns.
  16. It is going to try new approaches to the resort business.
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